About Lampe Berger

Invented in 1898 by pharmaceutical chemist Dr. Maurice Berger, Lampe Berger’s original purpose was to purify the air in hospitals. Today, Lampe Berger provides the same function in our homes.

Where other products just add fragrance to mask unpleasant odors, only Lampe Berger is guaranteed to cleanse and purify the air while perfuming it. The catalytic burner (the patented combination of the wick and stone) captures and destroys molecules that carry odors and bacteria.

  • Lampe Berger completely eliminates unwanted odors (including those caused by smoke, cooking and pets)
  • Lampe Berger safely purifies the air
  • Lampe Berger provides long lasting fragrance

Though they’re also lovely decorative objects, it is the unrivaled effectiveness and quality of Lampe Berger that makes them so popular in homes and offices across the world. We started carrying Lampe Berger at Cassie’s in 2002 and it has become the bestselling line in the store. Why? Because it works!

A Closer Look at Lampe Berger

We have several photographs of our range of Lampe Berger in our Flickr photostream.